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Sensoria Blue River Tour

Rio Celeste Hiking Tour takes about 3 hours where you walk along the shore of Rio Celeste. Surrounded by the nature beauties of the primary and secondary rainforest.

Waterfall, wildlife (if you’re lucky, remember that wildlife is unpredictable). And the natural phenomenon where two creeks merge together turning the water of the river into a beautiful turquoise color, are some of things that you would enjoy at this tours. And who knows? We might get extra surprises.

This Tour is ideal and enjoyable for all those nature lovers. located in the same area of the country this tour is similar to Heliconias Rain Forest And Hanging Bridges Tour, a very nice and relaxing hike through the rainforest. The difference between them is also the main attraction of each one. At Heliconias Tour, the Hanging Bridges. And at Rio Celeste Hiking Tour, the natural phenomenon that turns the water of this river into an stunning blue/turquoise color. This River is a most see/do in Costa Rica, and for sure you’ll want your own photo of it.

The whole tour has a length of 4 – 5 km. approx. And there are two trails, would be your choice take the whole tour our just one of the trails.

Tour Includes:


  • Transportation Round Trip, Bilingual Tour Guide and Drinks.

  • Walk in the Rain Forest and Entrance fees to Tenorio Volcano National Park.

What to Bring:


  • Comfortable Clothing and Hiking Shoes.

  • Raincoat and Insect Repellent.

  • Hat and Swimsuit.

  • Towels and Camera.

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